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One of my specialties is event photography with a focus on quick, digital delivery. Whether it’s a corporate gathering, promotion or celebration, a party or a wedding that is not looking for the traditional, expensive photo package; I have the tools and the experience to capture it. You spend a lot of time and effort planning, shouldn’t the pictures be worthy of that?


Mobile phones have come a long way, and are great for social media posts, but let’s face it: When you are looking to represent your food to potential guests, do you really want to rely Siri’s photography skills?
Staging an image and controlling the light is just as important as the food. I spent almost 20 years in kitchens and dining rooms all over the world. I offer a free consultation and very competitive rates.


Family fun runs, bucking broncos, cyclists on fat tires, strongmen (and women), and athletes on extreme courses they all have been captured by my camera. If you are looking to give competitors in your event or members of you team pictures they will be proud to share please contact me to get details.

Portraits & Headshots

Selfies are fun, but when it comes to presenting the professional you to the world first impressions matter. A professional headshot, portrait or group image sends a message. Fortunately, the stuffy, formal image in front of a bland background has given way to more relaxed settings.
Getting your picture taken right is a quick and easy matter with my mobile service. Your work, the city’s skyline or another cool background just the start of your options.

Music and Arts

Over the past years I have photographed over 500 bands from small clubs to arena shows, festivals, and block parties. Across genres covering, Singer-Songwriters, Country, Folk, Rock to Heavy Metal, I have had the privilege to photograph legends such as Tony Bennett, Paul Simon, Billy Idol and Earth, Wind and Fire. I have also captured a number of theater and musical productions.